This is my first night trying to shooting the stars which included the Milky Way. It was a challenge to frame the shot due to how close the Milky Way was to the horizon. Being lazy I didn't leave the neighborhood, and had to work around the well lit houses around me.. Due to the light bleeding into the slightly dusty desert sky some spot exposure adjustment was necessary that impacted the lower Milky Way cloud shape. I expect this image to change as I learn more about post processing.
Standing just inside the upper #antelopecanyon the #stars are visible even with the light painting inside the canyon. This looks like walking through an #entrance into another world. I'm always astounded by how different the world can be with #astrophotography and #longexposure. #Nikon #D850 13s f/3.2 ISO 1600 24mm #sigma
The road to... the stars
Shooting the Winding Freeway
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