Retiring Another Sunset
I love you too
This is my first night trying to shooting the stars which included the Milky Way. It was a challenge to frame the shot due to how close the Milky Way was to the horizon. Being lazy I didn't leave the neighborhood, and had to work around the well lit houses around me.. Due to the light bleeding into the slightly dusty desert sky some spot exposure adjustment was necessary that impacted the lower Milky Way cloud shape. I expect this image to change as I learn more about post processing.
Pink Desert Sunset
Puppy Eyes
Shooting the Winding Freeway
Hanging Leaves
Psychedelic Mushrooms
I wish I had put a bit more effort into composing this picture between the sun and tree. Unfortunately I also wasn't careful about keeping the horizon flat so I lost a bit of the sides of the image fixing the horizon.
End of the Trail, End of the Day
Looking out over Laguna Beach at the 2016 Super Moon, the fog is rolling into the canyon, while the sun rises behind to eventually burn off the fog. This was a slow exposure trying to capture the fluidity of the clouds.
Air and water have made this slightly crunchy rifts in the sand at White Sands National Monument.
Sunrise over the White Sands National Monument casts stark shadows over the rivulets of sand atop the large sand dunes.
Micro dunes or rivulets sitting atop giant Gypsum sand dunes at White Sands National Park
The sunrise breaking over White Sands National Monument caught two women enjoying and playing in the crisp morning and stark white landscape.
Next to the Buckeye Flat Campground in Sequoia National Park is this series of waterfalls, forming foaming pools before descending into the pond below.
The setting sun reflected off a rice paddy.
Inside Wat Phra That Doi Suthep at night in Chiang Mai
Early morning in Bryce Canyon, the new snowfall sat undisturbed and unseen until we showed up at 6:50am. The overcast clouds were hiding the wonder and amazement that would be forthcoming 30 minutes after sunrise. Slowly but surely the sun burned its way through the upper cloud layer only to explode on this amazing vista and astonish all that witnessed the event.
The setting sun behind the Horseshoe Bend of the Grand Canyon, in Page Arizona
In #rattlesnakecanyon near #antelopecanyon you'll find this beautiful formation. #Nikon #D850 1/13s f/10 ISO 125 24mm #Sigma
The Mummy
While this is staged in #antelopecanyon the beaty is undenyable. This was a 5 second exposure to make the sand silky smooth. #Nikon #D850 5s f/9 ISO 100 24mm Sigma
Standing just inside the upper #antelopecanyon the #stars are visible even with the light painting inside the canyon. This looks like walking through an #entrance into another world. I'm always astounded by how different the world can be with #astrophotography and #longexposure. #Nikon #D850 13s f/3.2 ISO 1600 24mm #sigma
This struggling root had grown against the acidic lava rock, to support the ecosysten that was decimated by the Sunset Crater Volcano.
The road to... the stars
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