The setting sun behind the Horseshoe Bend of the Grand Canyon, in Page Arizona
Pink Desert Sunset
Next to the Buckeye Flat Campground in Sequoia National Park is this series of waterfalls, forming foaming pools before descending into the pond below.
The setting sun reflected off a rice paddy.
Early morning in Bryce Canyon, the new snowfall sat undisturbed and unseen until we showed up at 6:50am. The overcast clouds were hiding the wonder and amazement that would be forthcoming 30 minutes after sunrise. Slowly but surely the sun burned its way through the upper cloud layer only to explode on this amazing vista and astonish all that witnessed the event.
A fresh now, on a spring morning, with a fresh sunrise... not much more can make this a more perfect morning. #Nikon #D850 f/7.1 ISO 64 24mm, HDR of 3 shots.
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